Experience innovative body treatments, expert massage therapy with advanced techniques, energy work and enjoy better health and vitality in the hands of our seasoned, talented professional team. Our clients feel better, relax more deeply, and feel at home at Northern Virginia's Best, award-winning day spa, Calvert Rejuvenations.


CBD and LED Phototherapy! Anxiety, pain, stress relief faster, deeper relaxation, enhanced pain reduction and overall mind-body bliss. Pro-strength CBD, Arnica, and Magnesium, with Lavender essential oils, LED light therapy reduces inflammation and improves naturally occurring nitric oxide levels in the blood.

signature Massage

(customized relief for pain, tension, stress)

Assorted advanced techniques, firm pressure/deep tissue, heat therapy, and aromatherapy.


(gentle, relaxing)

Relaxation-focused, tension-reducing massage therapy; a great introductory massage session that will improve circulation and relaxation. Long, smooth strokes are soothing and calming.

Hot Stone & Himalayan Salt Stone Massage

(warming, grounding)

Classic Hot Stone or Salt Stone massage will instantly melt away tension and soften tight, sore muscles. Enjoy added healing benefits from naturally occurring vital minerals in the Himalayan pink salt.

Prenatal Massage

(nurturing, gentle, calming)

Side-lying or the option to safely and comfortably lie face down in our specialty table top prenatal pregnancy massage pillow system.

*While it is recognized as safe by the American Pregnancy Association to receive massage therapy at any point during pregnancy – the first, second, or third trimesters- out of an abundance of caution, massage therapy is offered from 12 weeks onward or with referral from your medical pre-natal care provider.

Couples Massage

(connecting, healing)

Side by side couple’s massage therapy sessions, are not just for couples, but friends, and mother-daughter massages. A great way to deepen connection to self and to your bud or loved one.

Inner Harmony Cocoon Wrap Ritual

(calming, hydrating, balancing)

Balance subtle energies with this deluxe body treatment. A singing bowl balances subtle energies, a full body dry brushing prepares the skin for the deep hydration of the blissful cocoon body wrap and warm oil scalp and foot massage. You’ll never want to leave.

Deluxe Reflexology Treatment

Balancing, softening hand and foot treatment includes reflexology and massage; hot stones foot massage; hand and foot exfoliation; warm booties.

Ear Candling

(clearing, holistic)

Aromatherapy, acupressure, sinus relieving steam. Ear candling at Calvert Rejuvenations is a gentle, age-old method used to remove debris and reduce sinus and ear infections.

Integrative Manual Therapy (IMT)

(holistic, gentle, unique)

A sophisticated, extremely gentle manual therapy, an alternative or addition to Reiki or massage therapy, proven to relieve accumulated damage or strain and stress in the body from trauma (emotional or physical), infection, or inflammation.

What We Do

From Swedish relaxation massage therapy to enhanced techniques and advanced modalities like deep tissue massage, sports massage, and even couple’s massage: Calvert Rejuvenations in Herndon offers award-winning Massage Therapy, bodywork, energy work and Reiki sessionsΒ  that are expertly customized to suit your unique body/mind/spirit needs and goals.

Spa Reviews

Loved everything! The place is very relaxing. Even the way the staff speaks is calm! The massages and the facial treatment were amazing!!


Spa Reviews

Peace and calm filters through your body as you walk into the spa. Rejuvenators welcome you and deliver you a spa where your whole body can be pampered.


Spa Reviews

Calvert Rejuvenations Spa is a great spa hidden in a part of old Herndon ... I feel like I am in a peaceful forest every time I go to this location.


Spa Reviews

I've had a couple of different services and all of them were awesome. Facials, prenatal massage, waxing. Never had a bad service! The atmosphere is great, everything is clean, and everyone is so friendly!