Zesty Blue Heaven: Blueberry Compote Lemon Curd Cake

easy, zesty blueberry lemon cake
While you may be thinking, wait, spa recipe is cake!? This recipe is simple, easy, quick, refreshing, and delightful- that sounds like “spa” to me! This one’s a doozy folks, a real crowd pleaser as my family can attest! I like to keep things easy and I typically pride myself on 5-ingredient cooking, this one is pretty darn close to 5 and under rule of thumb, so here goes!

Angel Food Cake- pre-made.
Large bag of frozen blueberries,
a jar of lemon curd,
two lemons,
powdered sugar or sugar substitute like Swerve,
whipped cream cheese or drained Greek Yogurt (depending on how much fat you’re willing to consume- it’s not much either way)
dash of cinnamon, salt,
Whipped cream if you want to get fancy as you serve.

INSTRUCTIONS: Put a large sauce pan or stock pot on the stove, add to it in this order: about 5 cups of frozen or defrosted blubes (blueberries, if you need the Calvert-to-English translation),
about 1 cup of sugar (more to taste- this is all about your yum-factor, so have fun),
2 tablespoons water,
and a teaspoon of gray or pink salt.
Heat gently till there appears to be more liquid in there from the blueberries and bring it all to a boil, then reduce heat to a light simmer for about 40 minutes- if you like chunkier compote this timing will do fine, if you want a more saucey compote then let it go until you’re satisfied with the texture.
*NOTE* compote will firm up a bit as it cools.
Pull off the stove when you’re happy or when your patience ends, add 4 tablespoons of lemon juice, the zest from both lemons. Stir. Taste. Adjust as desired. Want more depth? add a pinch of salt. Want more sweet, add more sugar. Want more More? Add a tablespoon of Limoncello.
Set in the fridge to cool while you go to work on the angelfood cake.

WHILE the Blubes are compoting:
Put about 1/2 a container of whipped cream cheese or about 5 ounces of green yogurt into a bowl along with 2 tablespoons of lemon curd, 2-3 tablespoons of powdered sugar and mix until smooth.
Slice the angel food cake in half, horizontally (parallel to your counter or serving plate).
Lightly jam a spoon (ie, your finger) into the center of each half of the angel food cake ring to create a blueberry compote canal. Squeeze the rest of the juice from your two lemons either into a bowl to catch any seeds, or squeeze directly onto the cake surfaces.
Now, with an actual spoon, spread a hefty amount of lemon curd on all surfaces, inside and out, of the angel food cake.
NOTE: I like my lemon desserts to be tart, super tart, like, my face kinda hurts, “tart!”, so use your own sense of taste to determine your level of Lemon. You’re ready for the finishing touches!
Spoon the cooled blueberry compote into the cake canal (about 5 spoonfuls will do it- you don’t want it spilling out all over the sides just yet, but you also want enough to fill the canal.
You can’t go wrong, so don’t stress about it.
Place the top of the cake back on top. Pour the creamy lemon frosting in generous dollops along the top of the cake, allowing/encouraging it to droop and drip down the sides. Put as much or as little of this as esthetics and taste will permit.
Finishing touch: Fill the hole of the angel food cake with remaining compote, drizzle just a bit for looks in a ring around the top of the cake, making a pretty little line of blueberry. Chill for 10 minutes or serve immediately.

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