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Receiving massage therapy and skincare treatments regularly ensures that you continually feel and look better.
As with getting into shape, we know that we can’t go to the gym once every 3 months or so and expect to be get the results we want, to fit and fabulous; the results from self-care efforts and treatments are cumulative.

Calvert Club’s valuable memberships make it easy for you to put prioritize good self-care and allow you to feel and look the way you want.

Erin S.

“I loved the facial I received here! My sinuses were acting up so it was suggested that I added eucalyptus to my facial… My skin never looked better and I could breathe. Looking forward to my next facial! I also tried out the infared spa! My body felt rejuvenated after the experience. If I lived closer, this spa would become an addiction!"


"Great facial and brow wax by Kristin yesterday! Also thank you for shipping my mom’s facial cleanser to her in PA! We love this place!"

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Calvert Club Membership comes with a host of additional VIP benefits and other spa discounts!

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A Weekday membership, Monday -Friday.

* $89 billed on the first of each month, earns you a membership credit for your choice of either a Membership massage or Membership Facial. You can enhance and customize your treatment from there at the mebership rate of 15%! off any enhancements or upgrades you want!

*You’ll also receive VIP pricing on all products as long as your membership is active!

*Can’t make it one month? No problem. Your membership benefits roll-over, and are yours to use or gift as long as you’re an active member!

*Transfer one of your Member Benefits, one of your accrued sessions! (just $10)

*What if I want to come in every week, not just once per month?
No problemo! You’re always a VIP with your Club membership and receive the member discounted rate no matter how many times you visit us in the month! (15% off all upgrades and enhancements from our full menu of services, and 10% off all products!)

Become a Member Today!

Become a Member Today!

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