Oh, to be ELITE:

No Restrictions on sharing | No Weekend Upcharges | Spa Dollars rollover up to 3 months

Use your monthly membership amount however you please, like a self-care savings account

Unlimited use or member perks + pricing

VIP Pricing on the entire menu of services, all boutique and gift certificate purchases

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  • Platinum
  • $ 285
  • Great for: MicroCurrent Facial Fitness, vShape (tightening, cellulite), HydraFacial

    • 15% off entire menu
    • 15% off all boutique purchases
    • Unlimited Sauna Access
  • Gold
  • $ 175
  • Great for: Signature Massages and Facials, Home Care, Sauna

    • 10% off entire menu
    • 10% off all boutique purchases
    • One Free Sauna Session
  • Silver
  • $ 114
  • Good For: Swedish and Classic Facials, Waxing, Sauna Access

    • 5% off entire menu
    • 5% off in the boutique
    • 5% off Sauna session