F your diet

Another memo about the F word and how it relates to lowering heart disease, balancing hormones, and increasing sex drive…among so many other things.

In a recent Boston Globe article (you can read the whole thing HERE if you wish), writer Barbara Moran recounts her reintroduction to the F word, Fat! As probably you know by now from reading all my other blog posts about blood sugar and fat intake (…you have read them, right?) that “studies have shown that reducing total fat intake doesn’t lower your risk of heart disease or help you lose weight any faster than other diets.”

This isn’t actually news, folks! The thing that’s noteworthy is that it’s reaching a broader and broader audience these days. The internet and podcasts and other modern forms of info dissemination are helping to break down the previously impenetrable walls of silence built by big pharma and food manufacturers who have nothing to gain and everything to lose from you and me eating food that they don’t medicate us for eating (antacids, blood pressure medication, etc.) or manufacture and process for us (hello boxed and packaged products).

Following the National Academy of Sciences’ 1982 report and the Surgeon General’s Report on heart disease correlation (whose research was largely funded by the sugar industry) in 1988 the food industry responded by creating nonfat salad dressing, fat-free ice cream, Olestra, and Snackwell’s fat-free food products that we all pretended to love for a little while there. “By 2005, low-fat and fat-free products were a $35 billion market, the largest segment of the diet-food industry.”

In a nut shell, that means food grown or raised, harvested or killed just like in the olden days when diabetes was actually a rare occurrence! Diabetes prevalence rose 765% from 0.4% of the population in 1935 to about 2.8% in 1996. It jumped again to 4.3% in 2005. See any correlations you can make of your own based on that data?

What is clear is this: “Real food with healthy fats (almonds, salmon) is far better for you than processed refined carbohydrates (my beloved bagels).”

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