Detox in our Infrared Sauna

The capacity for repairing and rejuvenating itself makes the human body a pretty incredible thing.  Today many of our bodies support very unnatural lives: we sit all day and barely move, we hardly ever sweat, we eat things that aren’t grown anywhere but made in labs.  Many of the repair and maintenance systems in our bodies have begun to slow down if not turn off altogether, which has led to  toxicity of varying degrees, even immobility in some cases.  To get back to our naturally healthy, naturally balanced state, sometimes, the body needs just the right nudge from nature for those wonderful internal processes to begin again, restoring us to our pristine pre-toxic selves.

Whereas Calvert Rejuvenations’ Organic medi-facials and products encourage our skin’s internal process for reinvigorating itself to its full youthful glory, Infrared saunas utilize heat therapy with far-infrared light to trigger the body’s most efficient mechanism for detoxifying and shedding the residue of a busy life: sweat. Deep, cleansing sweat, poured directly from your body’s subcutaneous fat. Your body stores excess fuel in the form of fat, and the fat stores all the body’s unusable residue, and there isn’t a person among us who wouldn’t benefit from shedding that stuff. Sweat is the release valve.