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Intro to Eyelash Extensions at Calvert Rejuvenations

Lash extensions are designed to make your eyelashes look fuller and longer, accentuating and highlighting your best feature, your eyes. You can finally give your mascara and eyelash curler a break. Lash extensions from Calvert Rejuvenation’s certified lash artists look amazing on just about everyone regardless of age. Swim, sweat, and cry proof, lash extensions usually last anywhere from 2 -4 weeks or longer depending on care as well as your own natural lash cycle.

There are many different looks and styles that can be achieved with lash extensions. Our lash extensions come in varying lengths, thickness and curvatures. Your lash artist will discuss these and go over all of your lash wishes so that you can feel confident and love the look of your extensions.

What are lash extensions?

Lash extensions are artificial lashes that are individually applied to a natural lash. We use Faux Mink lashes and Faux Silk, which are light, glossy, flexible and retain their curl as the days/weeks go by. The lash extensions will be bonded using a professional grade medical adhesive.

We are committed to the safety, health, and integrity of your lashes. We will only apply lash extensions to lashes that are healthy and strong enough to support the artificial lash.

We want this to be a pleasurable experience. Lash extensions are applied in a comfortable setting. You will be in seen in your own private room where you can listen to music, relax and take a lash nap if you so wish.

Before you lash:

Please plan on arriving to our Herndon/Reston location a few minutes early to discuss the look you’d like to achieve. It is ideal that you come to your appointment makeup free to ensure the time we have dedicated to you will be used giving you beautiful lashes rather than removing makeup; we ask that your eyes be free of any makeup, especially mascara.

Lash Looks & Pricing

Half Set  | $200

About 55 lashes per eye. Eyes will have a lush and natural appearance with extensions applied to half of your lashes.

Full Set  | $325

90 + lashes per eye. A gorgeously full set where all of your lashes will have an extension applied. This luscious look set is our most popular. Get ready to bat those glamorous lashes!

Stacy B.

“I’ve been going to Calvert for the past five years or so. I am so happy that I discovered them here in Herndon (and right in my backyard). The massage services are awesome and they always have the best technicians. It’s really hard finding places that have the right mix of good prices with skilled technicians, relaxing atmosphere and awesome customer service. I find all of those things at Calvert."

Christina A.

"BEST massage place in the area! a wonderfully relaxing and calming environment!"

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"Dramatic" Lashes with a little bling
Before & After Glamour
Before & After "Dramatic" Lashes
Before & After "Glamour" Lashes
Before & After "Dramatic" Lashes
Before & After "Natural" Lashes

What beautiful eyes you have!

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