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Massage Therapy

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**Serenity Massage: CBD and LED Phototherapy!

A super special 90-minute custom massage created specifically for the deepest of relaxation, pain management and overall soothing muscle & joint discomfort.

You will experience profound alleviation of pain and muscle tension and a swift and deep state of relaxation that is very different than massage without CBD or LED therapy.

Our specially formulated CBD lotion provides a clinically effective, therapeutic dose of powerfully anti-inflammatory Cannabidiol (CBD) oil, healing Arnica, calming Lavender essential oil. While there is no “high” associated with CBD oil, zero THC in our formula, you'll likely experience mind-bending relaxation and sweet pain/tension relief faster than you've experienced before

LED light facilitates deep penetration of the therapeutic ingredients in the CBD lotion, while simultaneously reducing inflammation, increasing circulation and oxygenation of the blood, and improving levels of nitric oxide in the blood, (our natural analgesic)

90 minutes | 120 minutes, from $240
With Magnesium only- NO CBD- 90 | 120 minutes, from $228


**Signature Massage

Calvert Rejuvenations' Signature Massage benefits individuals who experience neck or back discomfort, or have other specific areas of concern where therapeutic improvement is needed.

This treatment accomplishes therapeutic results and wonderful relaxation by incorporating strategic, customized combinations of *advanced techniques* for pain reduction, structural realignment, increased mobility, energetic balancing, and relaxation, heat therapy for back & neck, and soothing or energizing aromatherapy to support the experience you want most.  Enjoy!

60 | 75 | 90 | 120 minutes , from $140


Swedish Massage

Relaxation-focused, tension-reducing massage, a great introductory session that will improve circulation and relaxation. Long, smooth strokes are soothing and calming.

60 minutes | 75 minutes | 90 minutes | 120 minutes  from $120


Cupping & Massage

Unlike acupressure or regular massage which compresses muscles and tissues, cupping massage decompresses and gently suctions and lifts skin tissue to effectively:

Increase blood circulation and metabolism, Stimulate lymphatic flow (lymph drainage and detox), Relieve inflammation, muscle & joint pain, Reduce appearance of cellulite, stretch marks and scars, Improve digestive function, Relieve neck & shoulder tension, Assist with post-surgery rehab, Improve athletic performance, Relieve Menstrual Pain, Relieve bronchial congestion
Contour, tone and firm skin
Relieve stress & anxiety.

60 minutes| 90 minutes |  from $150
* * Enhance any Massage and add Cupping to your bodywork treatment, $30


**Himalayan Warm Salt Stone Massage

This warming and grounding massage uses heated Himalayan salt crystals that are massaged over the body as an extension of the therapist’s hands. Penetrating heat of the salt stones allows for deeper tissue relaxation and makes the body more readily accept the numerous vital minerals of the salt crystals. The heated salt crystals also release negative ions, which help elevate the mood, eases tension, improves circulation, and lifts your spirits!

60 minutes| 75 minutes| 90 minutes, from $155


Hot Stone Massage

Warm, smooth river stones instantly melt away tension and soften tight, sore muscles in this classic, customized treatment. Your entire body will soothed with long flowing strokes with the warm smooth river stones and relaxing massage therapy techniques.

75 minutes | 90 minutes from $150


Prenatal Massage

Safely and comfortably lie face down during your pregnancy massage session in our specially designed table top pillow system - a welcome change for any mother-to-be.

60 min| 75 minutes | 90 minutes from $140


Specialty Bodywork and Energy Therapies

Couples Massage

Enjoy side by side massage therapy sessions with a loved one- you and a gal pal or a significant other. You'll multiply your joy with this special, shared experience. *couple's services are not currently available for online booking, Please call us to reserve your side-by-side massage experience: 571.323.1088

60 | 90| 120 from $260 
**CLIENT FAVORITE: Side By Side 90 min. Serenity Massages (with CBD and LED) $500


Integrative Manual Therapy

Integrative Manual Therapy (IMT) is a sophisticated form of manual therapy that focuses on relieving strains in specific tissues that have been damaged due to trauma, infection, or inflammation. IMT is a structural-based form of treatment, the focus is on specific anatomical tissue (connective tissue, fascia, etc.).

60 minutes | 75 minutes | 90 minutes | 120 minutes


Frankincense Meditation Experience

"Frankincense oil soothes and calms the mind, slowing down and deepening breathing and is excellent for use when meditating. It also helps to calm anxiety and obsessive states linked to the past." Center yourself with this rejuvenating full body treatment that includes a sugar scrub, wrap and mind-body balancing massage. You'll never want to leave.

2 hr, $275


Pineapple Smoothie Cocoon wrap Ritual

| skin softening and hydrating |
Pineapple Enzymes soften skin, and improve elasticity, moisturize and nourish your entire body. Dry brush exfoliation prepares the skin, followed by a warming cocoon wrap, and a lovely finishing touch with sugar smoothie body butter seals in moisture for a silky finish. Come away deliciously smooth and feeling tropically fresh

1.5 hr | 2 hr, $208, $248



(Ray-key) or "Universal Life Energy" is a traditional Japanese holistic therapy that addresses your physical, mental, emotional and spiritual wellness through gentle, intuitive energy work.
~May also be incorporated into other bodywork sessions with qualified practitioners. Pricing may vary based on level of training and experience~

60 minutes | 75 minute | 90 minutes


Deluxe Reflexology Treatment

60 minutes of reflexology for hands and feet, complete with hot stones, detoxifying Herbology Retexturizer exfoliation, and warm booties to soften skin. Glorious rejuvenation for foot massage lovers!


Ear Candling

Aromatherapy, acupressure massage and sinus relieving steam. Ear Candling is a gentle and non-invasive method to remove debris, help reduce the occurrence of sinus and ear infections, and improve hearing, often immediately.

60 minutes


LED Phototherapy

For dramatic improvement in oxygen and nutrients to painful, stiff, or swollen areas of your body, LED phototherapy is incorporated into you hour or longer massage to reduce pain and swelling, improve healing! NASA developed, FDA approved, this treatment addition is effective and soothing.

CBD Cannabis and Arnica Cream

Our CBD lotion is specially formulated to provide a clinically effective dose of powerful Cannabidiol (CBD) oil, anti-inflammatory Arnica, calming Lavendar essential oils, this treatment enhancement and take-home product is ideal for anyone who experiences chronic pain, inflammation, or tension related to a variety of health conditions. Your body will go into a deep state of relaxation and you’ll feel an immediate alleviation of pain and muscle tension. CBD oil has also been found to ease anxiety. There is no “high” associated with CBD oil, just mind-bending relaxation and pain relief.

Topical Magnesium Therapy

Enjoy a therapeutic dose of life-enhancing Magnesium and circulation boosting Arnica with our special formulated lotion. You’ll experience: Improved sleep. Reduced muscle aches, pains, cramping and spasms. Healthy skin and reduced outbreaks of eczema and psoriasis.

Facial Sculpting Treatment

For a lifted, sculpted look, this is a great service to receive before an event. Facial cupping improves skin circulation, encourages lymph drainage, tones tissue that is flaccid, and relaxes tightness. It increases the diffusion and uptake of skin cell nutrients, stimulates collagen and elastin, and restores new skin tissue.

Mini  | Full Treatment 

BabyFoot Foot Peels!

The softest your feet have ever been since you started walking! No more rough, dry, cracked, embarrassing soles; reduces foot odor, athletes’ foot and improves circulation. This retail product and in-service add-on contains 17 types of natural extracts that allow your feet to exfoliate naturally, leaving them highly moisturized and baby soft. It takes about 6 days for feet to begin peeling and up to 2 weeks for final results.

Pregnancy Massage

The Prego pillow allows women to safely lie face down in any stage of pregnancy.

Peppermint Scalp Massage

This uplifting, invigorating peppermint scalp massage eases tension, relieve headaches, nourish and revitalize your scalp and hair using therapeutic grade essential oils. Folks just love the luscious, leave-in hair conditioning treatment: jojoba oil, kuku nut oils, and a hint of citrus.

15 min

Deep Tissue, and other Advanced Techniques

Hot Stone Massage

Incorporates smooth, heated stones to instantly soften and soothe sore, stressed muscles over your entire body.

Couple’s Massage

Enjoy any of our massages or body treatments for a delightful shared experience with your loved one. You can mix and match, depending on your individual needs. Couples massages cannot be reserved online so please call us at 571.323.1088 to reserve your couple’s experience.


Balance the mind, promote healing within the body, and renew the spirit by incorporating, Certified Pure Therapeutic Grade Essential Oils into your session.


The application of pressure to targeted reflex points in the feet and helps to improve general health. The relaxing and rejuvenating effects are felt throughout the body, including glands and organs.

Peppermint Shea Butter Restoration

Treat your tootsies or back to this refreshing, softening 30 minute delight. Treatment begins with a sugar scrub exfoliation, includes warm booties and peppermint and shea butter massage to soothe tired feet, repair and soften skin fast.

“Adding the foot restoration treatment to my regular facial and shopping in your shop really made this my best trip here ever! I loved it. Thank you!”- A.F.

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