Voted the best facials in NoVA, by Northern Virginia Magazine: our facials combine advanced, clinical skincare and that special spa touch of deep relaxation. Many include therapeutic massage of the hands, arms, lower legs and feet (which are then placed in foot warmers) to achieve True Relaxation and Real Results. Sound divine? Our clients think so!
reiki Herndon va

goddess reiki radiance facial

(soulful, hydrating, and reviving)

Feeling tired? Feeling anxious? Feeling like you can see your stress on your face? This is the facial experience for you. A completely customized luxury facial in which hydration, clearing, lifting and toning take center stage as Energy Clearing Reiki is beautifully incorporated into a blissful, meditative experience.
Our certified Reiki Esthetician will help balance and align your energetic system, helping you to release limiting feelings or beliefs, change behavior-emotional cycles that have been keeping you stuck.
You might just say “that was magical” when we’re finished!


(Brightening, Smoothing, Resurfacing)

Dermaplaning, or “dermablading” is a simple, safe and effective facial rejuvenation treatment that provides immediate results and cumulative benefits. Skin will be visibly brighter, smoother, significantly softer to the touch and free of all hair; cumulative results include reduction of hyperpigmentation, acne scars, and fine lines.


(wrinkle repairing, strengthening, and restoring)

Our holistic medi facial concentrates on using organic, nutrient focused, scientifically-formulated ingredients that effectively nourish and yield amazing results: Targets anti-aging concerns, redness, breakouts, and puffiness.


(with infusion, custom enhancement blends, microchanneling, and LED therapy)

90 min. Clinical Micro-Channelling with Nutritional INFUSION and all the benefits of a full facial: lncludes analysis, extractions, mask, massage. Treatment Non-invasive; stimulates collagen and elastin production; increases uptake of clinically effective nutrients by 200%; reduces appearance of fine lines, acne scars; overall improvement of texture and pigmentation. 30-day collagen production increase, boost/speeds results, penetrates several high-dose active ingredients into the dermis. Enhances results for acne, aging, rosacea, and hyperpigmentation and can be customized by adding powder blends and actives for increased correction. Seriously accelerated results.


(soothing, relaxing, and hydrating)

A real spa facial that includes extractions, toning facial massage, massage of hands and feet, foot-softening warmed booties and a personalized mask: focuses on deep relaxation and the spa experience.


(anti-aging, polishing, and plumping)

Our custom, award-winning, and most popular facial targets myriad skin concerns and goals. This clinical facial includes an enzyme or acid exfoliation to refine texture and reduce the appearance of fine lines and hyperpigmentation; a specialty mask with enhancing boosters to accelerate the positive effects of your custom facial.


(firming and lifting)

This Vitamin C rich facial restores vitality and firmness to sagging or stressed out skin: lifts, tightens and smoothes skin


(clearing, purifying, and restoring)

Unlike other acne facials and treatments, this Purifying facial is never over-drying, always healing and soothing, you’ll restore balance and health with this targeted therapeutic treatment for acne-prone, congested skin.


Our Oncology facial treatment, delivered by master estheticians trained in oncology skin care, is safe and soothing, designed specifically to restore the look of healthy, glowing skin in any stage of cancer treatment or recovery.  You’ll enjoy the healing benefits of touch and targeted lymphatic drainage with the  cooling, detoxifying Kansa wand, and most importantly, a feeling of peace and relaxation.


(Resurfacing, anti-aging,brightening)

Microdermabrasion removes stained, dry outer layers and stimulates collagen production in tired or environmentally damaged skin.

~with smoothing enzyme and LED


(multi-tasking, hydrating, plumping)

A multi-tasking, high performance facial treatment that: deeply cleanses, exfoliates, extracts, and hydrates your skin utilizing clinical-grade serums with super antioxidants, peptides and plumpers. Each of our “Full Throttle” Hydrodermabrasion facial experiences INCLUDE: * Targeted Booster Serum *LED Light Therapy* manual extractions *signature facial massage.


(wrinkle repairing, strengthening, restoring)

This high performance facial is focused on infusing skin with organic, nutrient-focused, scientifically-formulated ingredients that are proven to effectively nourish and yield amazing results: Targets anti-aging concerns, redness breakouts, and puffiness.


( Clinical Micro-Channelling with Nutritional INFUSION)

This treatment is non-invasive and highly effective; stimulates collagen and elastin production; increases uptake of clinically effective nutrients by 200%; reduce appearance of fine lines, acne scars; overall improvement of texture and pigmentation.

What We Do

What we do differently at Calvert Rejuvenations is maintain focus on restoring and preserving skin’s vital lipid or moisture barrier. The lipid or moisture barrier is often indicated as the cause of premature aging, redness, and roughness of the skin, so even our Acne treatments are focused on repairing the barrier and restoring optimal function- which means healthy, long-term results and a smooth, glowing complexion.

Spa Reviews

Loved everything! The place is very relaxing. Even the way the staff speaks is calm! The massages and the facial treatment were amazing!!


Spa Reviews

Peace and calm filters through your body as you walk into the spa. Rejuvenators welcome you and deliver you a spa where your whole body can be pampered.


Spa Reviews

Calvert Rejuvenations Spa is a great spa hidden in a part of old Herndon ... I feel like I am in a peaceful forest every time I go to this location.


Spa Reviews

I've had a couple of different services and all of them were awesome. Facials, prenatal massage, waxing. Never had a bad service! The atmosphere is great, everything is clean, and everyone is so friendly!