Miranda Jones was born in Calvert Health Medical Hospital in Prince Fredrick, MD. She
spent her early life in southern Maryland staying active and playing sports. Miranda’s healing
touch was apparent even as a kid; she was the go-to family member and friend whenever

someone was in pain.

In 2012 she decided to become a Licensed Massage Therapist so she could facilitate pain

relief & healing in more people.

Miranda’s clinical approach has led her to work in a chiropractor’s office and wellness
centers for most of her career. She excels in understanding exactly what a client needs and
takes time to discuss treatment plans with them so that they may be active participants in their

healing journey.

Miranda specializes in deep tissue and sports massage and is able to access and release
deep musculature with minimal pain. She also employs range of motion and stretching
therapies during her sessions, influenced by her training in Thai massage. In addition to
promoting healing, Miranda enjoys teaching her clients about their bodies so that they may
become more aware of their unique muscle imbalances and gain tools to prevent future injury.
Miranda enjoys her work immensely and is passionate about relieving her clients’ suffering,

whether it’s due to acute or chronic pain.

When she’s not working, Miranda attends school at Virginia University of Integrative
Medicine in pursuit of a Masters in Acupuncture. She loves cooking, hiking, basketball and

exploring new places/food/adventure with friends and her dog Koji.


Massage Therapist
She's a one of a kind Massage Therapist who not only wants to make sure you leave your session feeling good today, but for days and weeks to come! Marcella has spent the past 20+ years as a Massage Therapist and wants to leave every client walking out better than they came in. Her passion for massage is proven through her dedication to the highest quality and care possible.*Eligible for FSA and HRA reimbursement.