Spa Days and Gift Packages

Packages and Gifts may be created for any amount or combination of services.

Facial Fitness Makeover:  For a complete facial makeover, 10 Deluxe Lift $2000

Charmed Life: Spa and Shopping Experience
Some girls have all the luck! Enjoy your choice of premium facials: Signature, Vitamin C, Luminous Lift, Organic Medi, Bliss out with the 90 min. Serenity Massage with CBD, Reenergize with a light lunch and then shop in the boutique to your heart’s content with a $200 gift card!  $585


90 minute Himalayan Salt Stone massage and Holistic Medi Facial,  with hand and foot exfoliation to top off this head to toe holistic renewal experience $378


90-min Signature Massage (incl. 2 hot towels, advanced treatment modalities like deep tissue, aromatherapy, the award-winning Signature Facial or Organic Medi Facial, Lush Lip Enhancement tx, and Detoxifying Hand & Foot Retexturizer (exfoliation) 3 Hours, $342

After your Microdermabrasion Facial, Retexturizing Body Exfoliation, and the Bright Eye Smoothing Treatment, you will look and feel like a new woman 2.75 hr, $375


Includes the award-winning Signature Facial and our delightful 75- min. Signature Massage plus hand and foot exfoliation- over two hours of jubilant rejuvenation. 2.25 hr , 308

Bit of Bliss

1 Hr: 30 minute massage and 30 minute petite facial, great for teens and for the times when you need just a little of both $140

From Anywhere

From-Anywhere Counseling is now available!  If you have concerns relating to:⠀

•skin care⠀
*Food concerns (am I eating right to {insert goal here]?"

✨Calvert is now available for online counseling and troubleshooting sessions for just $75! $20 of which will go towards a retail voucher redeemable in the next 30 days!✨

Non-Surgical Solutions

Due to the unique concerns of every client our Cosmetic Consultant or award-winning Estheticians will provide you with a consultation and price quote.


Personal training for your face! Re-educate the muscles of the face and neck to lift sagging skin and smooth wrinkles; balance, tone and sculpt facial muscles; increase cellular energy by 500% for maximum collagen and elastin production. 

Mini lift- $75   | Quick Lift- 60 min. $150   | Deluxe Lift- 1.5 hr, $225 (includes facial)    | Ultimate Lift 2 hours $275 (includes facial with LED)

JUVASHAPE Medical Skin Tightening and Fat Contouring for face and body

Featured on The Doctors, Fox News, Nip/Tuck and more

Treat the whole body from sagging jawlines to wrinkly knees; facial lines and thinning skin; smoothes cellulite; eliminate up to 20% of unwanted fat cells

Improvements often seen immediately. Minimum of 4-6 treatments

$800 per area  **significant series savings and in-house financing available**

High Performance SkinCare

For the best skin of your life. 

A multi-tasking treatment: deeply cleanses, exfoliates, extracts, and hydrates your skin utilizing clinical-grade serums: super antioxidants, peptides, and growth factors

Each of our "Full Throttle" Hydrafacial experiences INCLUDE: 

*Targeted Booster Serum *LED Light Therapy *manual extractions *signature facial massage

Full Throttle, from $290  | Express $199

HF Lip and Eye PERK: Treat the Eyes and Lips
Eyes $118   | Lips, $112   | Combo Eyes & Lips $205 ($205, includes take home treatment and free gift!)

Cellular Renewal - Clinical Micro-Channelling with Nutritional INFUSION Treatment Non-invasive; stimulates collagen and elastin production; increases uptake of clinically effective nutrients by 200%; reduces appearance of fine lines, acne scars; overall improvement of texture and pigmentation.  $198.00


Improve skin texture, reduce fine wrinkles and discoloration, soften acne scars, and reduce the appearance of enlarged pores. 

Treatment, 45 min: $140   | Facial, 75 min. w/ extractions and massage, mask: $175   |
RESURFACE & RESTORE: microderm with enzyme and with LED 75 min. $228
inflammation in the skin. 


Boost collagen production; smooth fine lines; improve texture; minimizes puffiness, inflammation and redness; kill P-acne bacteria.
1 hr,  $158 | with Facial Lymphatic Sculpting 75 min. from $198  


True Relaxation and Real Results. Facials include relaxing massage of feet, neck, and shoulders, and a lifting, toning facial massage.

Holistic Organic Medi-Facial wrinkle repairing, strengthening and restoring.
Organic, nutrient focused facial with scientifically-formulated ingredients to effectively nourish and yield amazing results. Targets anti-aging concerns, redness, breakouts, and puffiness.  $148

Relaxation Facial

A custom, deluxe  facial experience designed to hydrate and soothe the skin while providing extra time for massage to help you let go and relax even more deeply. You may need a ride home after this “necessary” indulgence. 90 min | $178

Signature Facial
This custom facial address myriad concerns and skin goals. Includes an enzyme or acid to refine texture and reduce the appearance of fine lines and hyperpigmentation; a specialty mask with enhancing boosters to accelerate the positive effects of your custom facial.   $148

Power C Firming Facial
Instant firming and lifting for skin that is showing signs of aging, dullness and fine lines. Stimulates microcirculation to restore vitality and firmness to sagging skin as it lifts, tightens and smoothes. You’ll instantly experience firmer, more resilient skin.  $148

Purify Facial
Clear, purify and restore balance to your skin with this targeted therapeutic treatment designed to address acne and pore congestion.
Purify Clearing: (with recommended P-acne-eliminating, antiinflammatory LED), $188 | without LED $148

Fundamental Facial 

A classic, starter facial to cleanse, lightly exfoliate and analyze your skin. Great for first time facials or those with sensitive or compromised skin. $120

Massage Therapy & Energy Work

Look for * to indicate most popular options

*Serenity Massage: CBD and LED Phototherapy!

Custom massage for deeper relaxation, pain management and overall body bliss. Pro strength CBD, Arnica, Magnesium, Lavender essential oil, and LED reduces inflammation and improves naturally occurring nitric oxide levels in the blood
90 minutes   | 120 minutes, from $240

*Signature Massage* Most popular
All the best: Includes assorted advanced techniques and firm pressure/deep tissue, heat therapy for back & neck, and aromatherapy
60   | 75   | 90 | 120 minutes , from $140

*Himalayan Warm Salt Stone Massage

Warming and grounding. Deeply relax with the warmth of the stones, receive the additional benefit of numerous naturally occurring vital minerals of the pink salt
60 minutes   | 75 minutes   | 90 minutes, from $152

Hot Stone Massage

Smooth river stones instantly melt away tension and soften tight, sore muscles.
60 minutes | 75 minutes  | 90 minutes, from $152

Soothing Swedish

Relaxation massage that is soothing and calming. Light pressure
60 minutes  | 75 minutes   | 90 minutes | 120 minutes  from $120

Cupping & Massage

Effectively and quickly decompresses, gently realigns and unwinds fascia to alleviate reduced mobility, pain.
60 minutes  | 90 minutes  | from $150

Pregnancy/Prenatal Massage

Safely and comfortably lie face down in our specialty table top prenatal pillow system
60 min   | 75 minutes   | 90 minutes from $140

Couples Massage

side by side massage therapy sessions
60   | 90   | 120 Serenity, Signature, or Swedish from $260 

Specialty Bodywork and Energy Therapies

Integrative Manual Therapy (IMT)
A sophisticated, extremely gentle manual therapy relieves strains in specific tissue damaged by trauma, infection, or inflammation.
60 minutes   | 75 minutes   | 90 minutes | 120 minutes, from $160

Frankincense Meditation Experience

Richly hydrating, and mind-body balancing. a deeply soothing aromatherapy cocoon wrap and relaxing massage therapy journey.
1.5 hr  , from $198

Inner Harmony Cocoon Wrap Ritual

A singing bowl balances subtle energies, full body dry brushing prepares the skin for the deep hydration of the blissful cocoon wrap and warm oil scalp and foot massage. You'll never want to leave.
1.5 hr  | 2 hr $198

*Reiki (Ray-key), “Universal Life Energy" 

Gentle, intuitive energy therapy: addresses physical, mental, and emotional wellness through. You may remain fully clothed for energy work sessions.

60   | 75 | 90 min, from $120

Deluxe Reflexology Treatment
Reflexology and massage for hands and feet; hot stones; exfoliation; warm booties |
1 hr, $156

Ear Candling

Aromatherapy, acupressure, sinus relieving steam. A gentle method to remove debris, and reduce sinus and ear infections | 1 hr, $110


Cupping for face or body | $30
LED Light Therapy | $40
‘Bliss in a Bottle’ CBD Cream | $30

Clinical dose of CBD, Arnica, Lavender, Magnesium. Ideal for anyone experiencing inflammation, tension, anxiety, or pain

Topical Magnesium Therapy For better sleep, healthy skin, muscle cramp relief | $12

BabyFoot Peel |  $30
Peppermint Scalp Massage uplifting, invigorating peppermint scalp massage | 15 min. $30
Aromatherapy $10
Advanced Therapeutic Techniques (includes but not limited to), $20: Prenatal, deep tissue, sports, IMT, NST, Reiki, CranioSacral, Acupressure
Hot Stones and Himalyan Salt Stones $32
Reflexology $20
Peppermint Shea Butter Foot Restoration exfoliation, heat therapy, peppermint shea butter | 30 min $65

Facial Enhancements, Customization

Bright Eyes Smoothing Treatment  For fresh, bright, younger-looking eyes. Exfoliation, acupressure massage, hydrating mask and aromatherapy. $40

Lush Lips Enhancement Gentle fruit enzymes, an extra rich lip masque, and a peptide-rich lip-plumping treatment

Facial Sculpting Lymphatic Treatment

Facial cupping improves circulation, lymph drainage, tones facial tissue, relaxes tightness  | $30 

Clinical Micro-Channeling  seriously accelerated results   | $60

Organic-Medi Power Up Deeply nourishes and stimulates fibroblast activity | $18

Osmosis Organic-Medi Facial Infusion maximum skin nutrition and DNA repair   | $50

LED Light Therapy vital energy for the dermis: cell repair, calm redness, reduce hyperpigmentation   | $40

Hand & Foot Retexturizer $14

Microdermabrasion $50

Enzyme Resurfacer or Peel $38
Additional 15 min $20


Ask about our Featured Seasonal Special Treatments!

Lashes: Extensions, Perms, Tinting

Swim, sweat, and cry proof, lash extensions usually last anywhere from 2-4 weeks or longer depending on care as well as your own natural lash cycle.

Half Set    | $200

About 55 lashes per eye. Eyes will have a lush and natural appearance with extensions applied to half of your lashes.

Full Set    | $325

90 + lashes per eye. A gorgeously full set where all of your lashes will have an extension applied. This luscious look set is our most popular.
Lash Lift and Tint $135
Lash Tint $50
Brow Tint $24

Hair Removal

Electrolysis: The only FDA Approved PERMANENT method of hair removal.
15 min increments, starting at $49

Waxing, full menu of waxing available, from Brazilians to Brows, from $14


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