Good Morning Calvert Rejuvenations friends!

I write to you this morning as I sit here sipping some of the new holiday tea that we stocked for this season (Vienna Cinnamon is my new favorite- oh. my. goodness.  So good!  slightly sweet, a little spicy, warming and so totally appropriate for the season.  Love it.), but I digress.  I thought you might appreciate to hear that estheticians also have skin issues occasionally and that it might be helpful to know how we treat ourselves when they pop up.

Just a quick note about skin and nutrition this morning…

Over the last 6 weeks or so I’ve been struggling with unusual redness and rash-like irritation around my nose and mouth…nothing too unsightly or worrisome, but still annoying.  I pulled all my usual esthetician tricks for this kind of thing: reduce retinoids, increase us of calming serums, wash my face just at night with a more gentle cleanser, focus on hydration (moisturizing throughout the day to reduce irritation from getting overly dry…)  My hydrating, organic medi facial infusion with Ina 2 weeks ago was helpful, but didn’t FIX it entirely.

I had to take a fresh look at what else may be contributing to the condition… it dawned on me that I’d started drinking coffee right about the time that this redness appeared!  That and with the Thanksgiving holiday my usually gluten-free diet had lapsed into a full blown carb-lover diet.  I’ve never been a coffee drinker- maybe one cup every 2 weeks, so this new daily habit was a HUGE dose of acidity, caffeine stimulation and the accompanying dehydrating effects.  Reluctantly, I gave up the coffee, switched to tea (one cup black in the morning- that Vienna Cinnamon is really special, and green or white or herbal throughout the day), started using Stem Factor serum at night  (to give my skin all the growth factors required for optimal skin function) combined with my Calm serum, Digestive Health harmonized water to help with the digestive issue and…As much as I’d like to keep up the coffee habit, I have to admit that the redness is gone after only about 4 days of the new routine, the flakiness is virtually healed, the bumps are barely visible.

Harumph.  No coffee club membership for Calvert.  🙁

The moral of the story is this:  if you have some unexplained skin symptoms you can’t shake make an appointment with a knowledgeable esthetician to help you troubleshoot your at-home routine, pump your skin full of nutrients and clear the way for renewed skin. Then take a good hard look at how you’re fueling your body.  Everything you eat shows up in your skin and your overall wellbeing.
Coffee= acid, dehydration, stress and inflammation (which all = AGING…for real)
Gluten- if you have any intolerance, as I do, = see above.