short circuit critter brain

We all have three brains, we’ve got:
the brain stem,
the limbic system,
and the cortex.

When confronted with change, the brain stem freaks out a bit (or a lot), the limbic system generates emotions, reacting in a survival-focused mode, and the cortex tries to rationalize or make sense of all that; our brain (sometimes affectionately called “the critter brain”) goes into flight, it goes into fight, or it goes into freeze-mode.

Recognizing and embracing this process as it happens in us can make our attempts to make changes we really want in our lives more attainable, less scary.  You can start to say “it’s just my critter brain freaking out. Sign me up, it’ll get over it.  This change is for the good!”

My practice for today…for life, I suppose.  I try to see the change, to envision my future self (who really already exists within me right NOW) and to ignore or at least look past the diffuse anxiety or obstacles that my critter brain cooks up, and flow in life as it comes.

Saturday ruminations.