We are so super duper excited to announce the arrival of a new, fabulous, delicious, luscious, International Award-winning skincare line, the famously popular, exotic and ethical… Eminence Organics!
Escape from daily stress and detoxify environmental toxins that rapidly age the largest organ of the body: your skin.
In addition to luxuriating in the creams and potent masks, smoothing and deeply hydrating body oils and lotions, Eminence Organics are used to treat specific conditions that include severe dryness, acne, rosacea, premature aging, sun damage, and more.
Some innovative products we’re thrilled to have for you now and use in our treatments:
Detoxifying microgreens, Strawberry Rhubabrb Micro-foliant, Apricot Body Oil (YUM!), Stone Crop Cleansing oil…Unique, delicious -smelling, organic, luxurious, amazing. We’re thrilled and I know you will be too!
Come in and experience a new level of skincare luxury today!

Oh! And stay tuned for coming details on a bangin’ party we’re going to throw in honor of the new line (goodie bags, music, nibbles, free treatments, Live Q and A…)