anxiety and disconnection

When we throw all our energy into a project, a job, another person we become disembodied and disperse our energy so that we can feel lost or a deep #anxiety that is hard to overcome. With our energy (thoughts, feelings, emotions) so tied to the external, far from our core it’s almost impossible to nurture ourselves and feel centered and at peace in our skins.

Tune into your body when your mind is running away with you, ground yourself in yourSelf and feel the welcome sense of relief and perspective of the #soulfulSelf. #Anxiety, #Depression, #fear are all symptoms of disemobodiment and disconnection, the fastest route to connection is through the body: a #massage, an energy healing (#Reiki, Healing Touch, etc.), a bath, a self-massage, #aromatherapy, even giving yourself a #facial at home or at Calvert Rejuvenations in Herndon, all engage the senses and connect mind with the body, drawing energy back to your Center, back from the scattered reaches of your external environment.

If you’re feeling scattered, anxious, lethargic, or just plain in need of a nice boost of #oxytocin, book a session with one of our amazing team this weekend.