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In honor of #BeKindToHumankind Week, enjoy this super #thoughtful #intention and spread #positivity across the web.

Make the most of #ThoughtfulThursday and think of this:

Thoughts are energy, make sure your thoughts are positive and powerful.  Our thoughts inspire words which initiate powerful action and energy exchange- Know that regardless of the circumstances of your life you always have the power to direct your energy in the direction you want your life to go and aim for the feelings you’re wanting more of in your life.

Start to notice what activities, people, environments, choices make you FEEL good or better, and start to do more of those things (or less of the things that make you feel crummy).  If you feel stuck in a particular situation and you know you’ve got to sit it out, then try to reframe your feelings and thoughts so that even being in a place or situation that is less than ideal can become an opportunity to sharpen your “feel good” skills and an opportunity to attain wisdom and create value out of it.

My mother is dying.  She’s been on and off dying (if you’ve been through a life with cancer, either personally or alongside a loved one you know exactly what I mean), for the better part of the last  10 months. Having been initially diagnosed with stage IV ovarian in 2014 it has been a long long road.  In the most dark and difficult times the best I can say and the best I can think, to avoid pulling my hair out and flopping around on the floor in fits of despair, is that I’m acquiring wisdom every day.  I’ve begun to marvel at the resilience of the human spirit, both hers and mine.  I’ve actually managed to feel grateful for having acquired one more real human experience in my life, one that deepens the connection to my humanity and to all the incredible humans with whom I’m now bonded in solidarity and unspoken understanding.

Even through hell we have the opportunity to turn the poison to medicine and to grow immeasurably as human beings, though a spirit of perseverance and a deliberate re-framing/re-claiming of our thoughts and experiences.

Go out and do the things that remind you of the power of your thoughts, that move the needle toward empowered thinking and empowered action.  What makes you feel closer to whole, closer to You?  Do that.

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