body misalignment massage

Do you have fear you may be developing arthritis or chronic aches, pains?  Does your neck always hurt after you drive? Do you have other “weird” seemingly unrelated symptoms of pain or discomfort?

It might surprise you to learn the degree to which posture, habitual movement patterns, repetitive use with less-than-optimal “form” or “alignment”, even just the orientation of your feet as you walk and stand, all contribute to the above-listed symptoms!
These are considered issues of alignment, and they affect your entire body and can produce troublesome, sometimes really painful symptoms that mimic or create things like arthritis, sciatic nerve pain, stress fractures in feet! One of the major benefits of regular body work that you might overlook is the improvement in both mental awareness of body patterns that could be harming you, and that your talented, tuned-in therapist can help identify and easily correct them saving you time and money and pain, rather than continuing to chase down seemingly random symptoms or giving up altogether on living pain free and full of optimism!

Here’s Calvert to talk with you a little bit about how you benefit when expertise in yoga and other alignment-focused modalities like IMT and Myofascial release (cupping!) are brought into your session: