cbd led massage therapy

Ask me what’s my favorite service on our spa menu and it’ll take me about 1/2 a second to light up like a firefly about this Serenity experience. Not only did I create my very own unique recipe for the products we use for this super special 90-minute custom massage, but I designed it to provide the deepest of relaxation, pain management and overall soothing muscle & joint discomfort. You will experience profound alleviation of pain and muscle tension and a swift and deep state of relaxation that is very different than massage without CBD or LED therapy.

Calvert’s own CBD + Magnesium Aromatherapy lotion provides a clinically effective, therapeutic dose of powerfully anti-inflammatory Cannabidiol (CBD) oil, healing Arnica, calming Lavender essential oil. There is no “high” associated with CBD oil, zero THC in our formula (sorry, Cheech), but you’ll likely experience heightened relaxation and pain/tension relief faster than you’ve experienced before.

Professional grade LED light therapy facilitates deep penetration of the therapeutic ingredients in the CBD lotion, while simultaneously reducing inflammation, increasing circulation and oxygenation of the blood, and improving levels of nitric oxide in the blood, (our natural, intrinsic analgesic)…

Om shanti, yes please, give me more, serenity now, lights out, Namaste… It’s a doozy and I’m in love.

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