end of summer calvert rejuvenation sales

Well a happy Labor Day to YOU!

Labor Day #LaborDay honors working people across the US and Canada. Make the most of this #holiday by rewarding yourself in the final days of our summer #sales. This is a special #ShoutOut to and offer for to all the people that help the #world keep moving, and our efforts to help make your lives a little more joyful and healthy and luscious!

Reduce my muffin top, prevent my nana’s neck from becoming my own! wear shorts in these last days with more confidence and less #cellulite!

#vShape Ultra- fat contouring, skin tightening for FACE, body, muffin tops and saddle bags.  Correcting Momma Pooches and preventing your grandma’s jawline from becoming your own.  Listen in and watch a session in progress HERE
ON SALE down from $800 to just $300 per area (legs are $500), that’s up to $500 in #savings!  We’re crazy about vShape and so our our clients, join us!

“Honey, time marches on and sooner or later you realize it’s marchin’ across your face” -#Truvy, from #SteelMagnolias    Prevent it with vShape skin tightening with FDA-approved #RadioFrequency

1/2 face add-on for any facial now just $150!  Focus on forehead and eyes, or lower face and mouth at a fraction of the price.  Each treatment builds on the next, so you can stock up on up to 6 per person.  Now’s the time, the savings won’t last.

GOAL: Get through this #backtoschool season with less anxiety and more patience for my little ones
Reserve the treatment featured in #noVAMagazine this month, the Serenity Massage: LED light therapy and CBD for that encased in Peanut butter feel I love.  haha.


GOAL: Fresh-faced and smoother skin

LED Light therapy add-on to any Signature or Holistic Organic Medi Facial.  Boost ATP in the cells, increase collagen production, increase nutrient uptake deep healing with increased oxygen and blood flow. Blood flow= VITALITY and YOUTH. Just say yes and reserve your Signature or Holistic Organic Medi facial for September. ($40 value, yours free with code: LaborDayLED)