free botox

At least once a week I’m asked about my best recommendation for treating forehead lines.  Botox?  Fillers? Peels?  Laser!?
I’ve tried them all in the pursuit of fulfilling my due diligence as a professional skin therapist (read: esthetician).
I have been poked and prodded and filled with known toxins and other foreign substances, peeled my face off with technological marvels and with refined and aggressive acid combinations, dedicated myself to a regimen of daily topical creams that trigger my skin to repair itself and “heal” the hard-earned and increasingly apparent lines on my face.
Despite my dedication to the above I still see the lines. I still make the same face(s) that get me through my daily life and communicate my frustration, happiness, surprise, etc.  I continue to enjoy making tell-tale faces to inform my husband of appreciation or disappointment or frustration, and so the lines, the well-worn and completely unique map of my face and my heart continues to get more and more detailed, the older I get.

What’s a girl to do, you ask!?  What’s a girl, who doesn’t enjoy wearing so much of her history on her face for all to see, do with the roadmap front and center?
Again, having tried aggressively to erase and prevent more of my own roadmap from forming on my face I’m investigating a more permanent and dynamic solution.

For the next 30 days I’m going to dedicate myself to actually increasing my ability to make good faces; I’m going to try what some call Facial Yoga.  I’ve seen some amazing before and afters, I’ve read and heard from devotees and I have to say I’m super excited.  There are some hand dandy devices and high-tech crutches that will be making their way to a menu near you at Calvert Rejuvenations Spa if this little experiment goes as hoped.

Will you join me?  Below are some youtube videos I’ve found helpful so far.  I’m looking into many other teachers and techniques and books and videos.  I’m hoping to refine this approach so I can make the best, simplest recommendations, based on personal experience, once I’ve determined if this is, in fact, better than handing over our faces to harsh, aggressive methods and the risks associated with heavy duty “roadmap intervention”.

I’ll add to this list when I find things worth adding, so stay tuned.  email me with your feedback and insights!

Cheers, to making make innumerable faces as we see fit, to reducing the telltale signs of our lives, but continuing to relish the joy and satisfaction of playfully scowling when called for.