integrative manual therapy

I just received this amazing note from one of my IMT clients. I will let her speak for herself, this is really an amazing transformation gained in just 3 sessions from the most gentle, profoundly effective treatments I’ve ever had the pleasure of delivering or personally experiencing. Wow.

I had incurred a really nasty shattered wrist with an open fracture in November 2015. At the time of my first IMT treatment, two weeks after I finished 20 or so OT sessions, my right hand was still about double normal size dark red, and really quite hard. I could barely clinch my fingers downward. It looked like I had a glove on that had been blown up and my fingers were tilted to the right about 30°, and my pinky was crooked.

The experience of the IMT was so gentle and comforting that it felt basically like not much of anything you might expect, but mild and pleasant. Although my OT was very professional and some of it was extremely uncomfortable. The IMT touch was so very gentle, and the integral part I think was because my shoulder back were all involved in the treatment. At the conclusion when the light came on and we looked at my hand we were both really startled. And now it looked basically normal, The color matched my uninjured hand and it was no longer double size, we could the knuckles and veins. Further, I could move my fingers downward drastically more. Before the middle finger of my right hand was below the natural line fingers would have altogether reason so many and if I try to push it it was not comfortable. It was aligned normally after the treatment. The hand longer felt hard. I could also rotate my wrist twice as much as before.

The second treatment two weeks later yielded fingers that no longer tilted to the right book could be put flat on the table and the pinky finger looks much more normal flat by about 90%. Calvert treated my forearm in this session, which had been torqued to the right, after the treatment no longer appeared twisted. There is a point on my forearm on the outside where the bone pierced the skin, which has been sensitive and painful, I would say it is Cali 95% better.

I had basically made peace with the state my arm was in at the conclusion of the OT sessions. The OT approach softening my hand was to mash it very hard to try to soften it, which was very painful right to continue his campaign and didn’t really seem to make a difference. To have this dramatic improvement at the wrist, in the fingers and to a hand look normal size and not be particularly discolored, though it is a little red , is basically amazing.

P.C. May 20, 2016