mind body connection

Good morning CR friends, Sometimes I find that discussing the “mind/body connection” is a little too esoteric for me to grasp…it’s not always accessible.  Sometimes I am just too much in my head, too wrapped up in my to-do list, in LIFE to wrap my head around anything but what’s next.

In my practice yesterday I explored the body/brain connection instead and, guess what?  Something clicked. In yoga; in self-nurturing acts like tea rituals (or coffee, i suppose), dependable monthly facials, massages, meditation, whatever… you are refining, tuning up and maintaining that whichliterally contains your brain and therefore your mind.  As you stretch, and tone, build flexibility and stability in your body, so too are you supporting those qualities and growth for your brain.  Furthermore, these acts of self-nurturing lead to a healthier, cleaner, more fertile environment for your precious mind (brain) to reside in!

Yogis across the ages have explored acknowledged the impact that cleanliness and order have on the mind’s ability to expand and be free of anxiety and mental clutter- I believe that this mind (brain)-body connection idea is an opportunity explore that concept in a way that is more accessible to those of us who are too oft to be bowled over and consumed by our to-do lists.

Next: to explore the mind-body-SPIRIT connection and how to access that cliche lesson in our every day.  What the heck does it really even mean?  I’ve got an idea and I think it may work for you, too.