weight gain issues

I popped on to Facebook this morning and found some much needed support from our friends over at Snap Fitness at Franklin Farm:

“With the holiday season upon us we stress over gaining weight and staying in fit. There are the office parties, friend parties and of course our family parties! This time of year is baked goods everywhere too. Many temptations how can we NOT be tempted?

There ARE ways to beat the ‘battle of the bulge’, stay fit and avoid holiday weight gain.

1.Use moderation when cheating on your diet. Eat here and there watching your portion size. Only grabbing a taste over a plate full. Remembering your ‘eat every 3 hours’ plan.

2. Make a goal to do something active during the day. Try and get out at least once a day for 30 minutes. One easy thing to do is grab the dog and go for a walk. Even if there isn’t a dog…walking around the block is great.

3.Don’t have ‘danger’ food out. The temptation is will be there if these ‘danger’ foods are in the house. Make sure they leave the house.

It’s all up to YOU to stay fit during the holiday season. Start NOW over waiting till January 1st!

“Make the holiday season about being with your loved ones rather than feeling guilty about eating too much”.

That’s what the holidays are about! Tell us your goals during the holiday season to stay fit. We’d love to hear from you.”

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