magic of acupressure

The combination of massage and Acupressure it truly an amazing experience;  to watch people get on the massage table before the session and see the their face afterwards always leaves me inspired.  I love doing this work and believe it to be one of the healthiest forms of energy  and bodywork out there.  There is a little “magic” to it and when it manifests in the person’s overall health and wellness regime it brightens their face and the room.

Acupressure was documented as a practiced form of Chinese Medicine in 500 B.C. and since then has been utilized to treat internal as well as external medical conditions in China, the United States and the world.  Acupressure follows the same Twelve Meridian mapping of energy points as Acupuncture but without the needles.  Acupressure is practiced by a trained practitioner holding specific meridian points for a specific amount of time.  There are six meridians that flow upwards from the feet and six that flow downwards from the crown of the head.  The twelve Meridians are as follows:  Lung, Large Intestine, Stomach, Spleen, Heart, Small Intestine, Bladder, Kidney, Pericardium, Tripple Warmer, Gall Bladder and Liver.  Each meridian is connected energetically to the internal organ that it is named for.  By holding a specific point on the meridian line and unlocking its energetic flow the point comes to balance. Circulation of the energy, or chi, helps toxins move out of the body and be filtered by the vital organ associated with the point. Acupressure helps move the flow of energy through the body by locating where the pain is and activating the healing process through the body’s own currents of recovery.

The focus of Acupressure is balance.  The practitioner’s goal is to balance chi (vital energy), blood, yin and yang, respectively. There is an assessment process of the client and their overall health which is part of the intake process for the first session. An acupressure session facilitates balance of energy in the receiver/client, acupressure practitioners are not healers but facilitators.  An acupressure practitioner empowers the client with balance and health sometimes becomes a result of this balance.

The balancing of excesses or deficiencies in the body through therapeutic touch and Acupressure is the overall goal of an Acupressure Massage.  Just as a great nights sleep can result from a skilled and effective massage session, holding Acupressure points can take the work just that much further.  Together therapeutic massage and Acupressure used in conjunction are a remarkable combination.

Acupressure has been effectively used in the East for hundreds of years. By simply opening your mind to the dynamic work of Acupressure hand in hand with the phenomenal relaxation work of therapeutic massage you can feel a difference energetically. Don’t miss out on this unique and wonderful experience!

Combining Acupressure and Massage is very powerful energetic medicine.


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