perfect skin

One of my favorite musical quotes is from the Disney animated film Alice In Wonderland, when she sings to herself, “I give myself very good advice, but I very seldom follow it.”

I’ve been known to sing that little, potent line to clients when they bashfully admit not following the routine we laid out that would get them where they want to go, whether skin-related, weight-related, pain-related…We all do it. The purpose of this post is to admit that even estheticians and massage therapists do it too; we forget, we don’t do “it” (whatever it is) because we just don’t “have time”, and we, too, suffer the consequences of slacking on our self-care routine.

Here’s my admission. I have a small skin tag-like thing that’s been on my nose for about, well, I can’t say how long because it’s been a loooong time, like 6 months or more. I ran out of Osmosis Stem Factor probably 6 months ago and have only in the last 2 weeks started using it again. I was out of Osmosis Catalyst AC-11 for about a month or 6 weeks, too. I work with these products every single day, I purchase the inventory that lines our shelves and I STILL forgot to pick up a bottle of each for myself. Well, since I finally trudged through the tar-like inertia I’d fallen into and purchased products to re-stock my personal arsenal, wouldn’t you know it, my skin has improved a LOT and that weird, annoying growth is almost gone.

Looking at myself in the mirror this morning as I was applying the wisdom (and the serums) I recommend to my clients every single day, I thought, “wow, this stuff really works! now, if only I would start to take my own advice (again)”!
So it’s official: I am back on the good-skincare wagon, I am sticking to these habits that enhance my life and improve my body/mind/spirit, I am going to NOT be Alice in Wonderland for this next while and I shall start taking my own advice about self-care, living with habits that support the life I want and encourage the person I want to be.

So there. Happy New Year!!