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SERIES: Passionate Practitioners at Calvert’s:
“I am grateful for quick, intense lessons from the universe! I am learning things at an accelerated rate right now. Things that took me years in the past, I’m learning within days. I’m about to explode into my inner work as well as my soul work, my service to others. I’m ready to go deeper into my therapeutic work with others. Expanding my work on the table with people working on depression, anxiety, trauma, grief and loss. Creating a new routine with more breathwork, reflexology, accupressure, guided meditation and gratitude. Going deeper into my understanding of the nervous system, the vagus nerve and breathwork. Anxiety is an unbalanced nervous system. I have been to the darkest places countless times and I have clawed my way back to the light EVERY SINGLE TIME. I am so ready to go deeper and hold sacred space for people that are ready to unwind, release and balance. It’s a relief to know the reason you were born.
Make peace with your purpose and things flow easier.
P.S. Don’t worry, I’m still really good at deep tissue, relaxation and fluffing auras.”

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