cbd magnesium lotion

Great feedback about our CBD magnesium lotion that I think you’ll be glad I shared:
Here’s the picture: a young girl, the only 8th grader to make the varsity POMS team, had to get a physical to clear her to join the team…the girl’s blood work was WAY off, all over the place. She just was thinking that she was always tired because she was working so hard, but it turns out that she has leukemia!
lo, Last Thursday the POM moms were at a dance camp and this girl’s mom showed up without her to report that her daughter was just too sore and she was in too much pain from the disease and treatment that she couldn’t get out of bed and hadn’t been out of bed for days and days…One of our CBD Devotees was there and happened to have a bottle of our therapeutic Calvert Rejuvenations CBD Magnesium Lotion with her, gave it to the mother to try to apply our therapeutic lotion and “just see what happens, it can’t hurt.”

Well, about a week went by when [Stephanie] had a surprise meet up with both mom AND daughter at a birthday party!
This sweet 8th grade dancing girl had managed to get out of bed for the first time in a week and had been able to SLEEP through the night her first day that she’d used our lotion.

“I couldn’t sleep, I hurt all over, but this felt so good that I could come today. I love it, it felt so good and it smells like a spa!”

She is in so much pain and her mother was just so surprised and grateful that her little girl was able to finally get good sleep and out of pain enough to finally get out of bed and celebrate this birthday with her friends.

…A little heart warmer for ya today. We’re doing good things.  Even small things can move the needle toward a better life experience.  Every little bit helps, and our little bit here in this community means everything to us. We are so grateful to have been able to contribute and are honored to continue to do so.