how to properly moisturize

Hot Tip Tuesday!

It’s #HotTipTuesday, time for another #HotTip to easily and effortlessly help you look and feel your best- it’s not as hard as you think, we swear! Today’s Hot Tip: Apply moisturizer (after your anti-aging, targeted serums) within 60 seconds to lock in max moisturizer. As with confections: If you frost a dry cake, the cake is still dry, if you frost a moist cake, it stays moist. So the good news is: your skincare routine will ideally take little more than 60 seconds- #noexcuses to skip it #everyreason to keep up with it! yahoo!)


Ask your esthetician for best recommendations (the stuff in the shops is almost always lower concentration of active ingredients- not the best for targeted serums and hydrators, specifically) Look for ingredients like glycerin to bind moisture, ceramides to repair the acid mantle of your skin that keeps you youthful and resilient, and hyaluronic acid!

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