#bekind to humankind
Be Kind to Humankind Week

#BeKindToHumankind Week is an annual celebration of #kindness that is recognized globally from August 25th-31st every year. It is a time for us to #reflect on what we can do in order to make this world a better place.
Get in the #spirit this week and help out the planet, your neighbor, swerve to avoid squirrels…whatever you can do.

At Calvert Rejuvenations, we’ve been planting trees to off-set our carbon footprint!  Every Eminence Organics product purchased from our boutique initiates the planting of a tree!  Being kind to ourselves (in this case, choosing earth-conscious, organic, healthy products) can and often does mean being kinder to the planet and those around us.  I think of the days in which I’ve been kind to myself and gotten into a better head space: I’m kinder to my darling husband, I’m more patient with my family, I’ll even find myself driving a little more slowly which helps save gas and reduces pollution, I’m less forgetful and therefore may have a snowballs’ chance in hell of remembering to bring my re-useable grocery bags into the store with me…I believe that the way we treat ourselves and our bodies becomes the foundation for our treatment of others and the world at large.  When I’m truly kind to and generous with myself I’m kinder and more generous with others.

Join me this week and accept a little more kindness from within, shine your light to uplift those around you, and do something kind for the planet.