selenite powerful stone

We’ve been getting stoned. Not in the way you’re thinking, though who can blame you given the sheer percentage of space dedicated to CBD in this edition!  We’re highlighting a stone called Selenite this month at the spa.

Why? Well, we figure that if there’s anything out there to help raise our vibration, to soothe and clear any negative congestion in our space or in our bodies, why not!?

It’s fun to keep an open mind and incorporate new tools and tricks into our work with our beloved clients and community, so we brought in this stone into the treatment room and into the spa this month.

Stones and crystals are commonly part of  energy work sessions, like Reiki and Healing Touch, so we chose to have simply have some Selenite on-hand for its general uplifting and its clearing qualities.

* Selenite is believed to hold a natural vibration that clears negative outside influences, it’s known as a protective stone.

*Often used to prepare and clear a space for a meeting or new beginning (a smoke-free, crystalline smudge, kinda like), or placed around a home to promote a sense of peace.

*It’s also thought to promote  mental clarity and make it easier to see the bigger picture in the midst of confusion.

If you’re so moved, we’ll be glad to give you a piece of Selenite to carry with you throughout the day to remind you, if nothing else, of the sense of calm you’re accustomed to sharing in while you’re with us in our Oasis here in Herndon.