face serum results

1- Test First

Professional serums are powerful stuff (you can’t get these anywhere but through a pro- imitations abound on Amazon and other re-seller sites, so buyer beware) Skin serums are powerfully concentrated, so before your first use you’ll want to make sure to do a test, using a small amount on the skin of your neck to ensure there’s no irritation.  In most cases you’ll receive your product “test” during your facial or professional treatment, so as a client of Calvert Rejuvenations in Herndon you’re already covered and on your way to the best skin of your life!  Good for you!

3- A Know Your Skin

If your skin is naturally on the dry side, you may benefit from using a moisturizer or facial oil on top fo the serum or even blended together!  We’re big fans of a good facial oil for moisturizer- your skin LOVES oil, it allows it past the barrier far more readily than any other substance, so it’s a great delivery system for moisture, hydration, key ingredients.

4- Cleanse and Exfoliate

For maximum absorption of your serum be sure to gently wash and exfoliate your face before applying so the serum won’t just cling to oil and dead skin cells.  We like exfoliating lactic acid or enzyme cleansers and masks in addition to regular professional treatments with exfoliation and hydration as the highlight.  Think: Hydrafacial (the polishing results of microdermabrasion but with an unprecedented flush of hydration and active ingredient infusion all at the same time)

5- Use LukewarmWater

Washing your face with lukewarm water raises your skin’s temperature slightly, which causes  blood vessels and pores to dilate allowing the serum maximum uptake potential. (If food doesn’t make its way to your stomach you don’t get any of the nutrients, right?  Same is true for all your skincare products.  Absorption is King)

6- Apply to Damp Skin

Moist skin is more permeable than dry skin. Applying your serum to damp skin after cleansing encourages deeper absorption

7- Apply day and night

Multiple applications of your serums will yield swiftest, best results. Most people don’t do well eating just one good meal a day, we need morning and evening nourishment – so does our skin!

8- Give it Time

The length of time from when you start using your serum until you see results varies with each person. While some people see changes as soon as 6 weeks, it may take others 8 weeks to see a difference.
Around 6 months you should reach the maximum benefits and can move into more of maintenance mode.

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