ketogenic diet food

There are so many reasons why I chose to give Low Carb High Fat eating a whirl about 6 months ago. Chief among them at first was fat loss, optimal nutritional weight-lifting support, and the promise of a lack of cravings and hunger.If you can believe it, those really are just the initial desirables of a keto or super low carb diet (more of which we’ll get into later)

The most amazing thing about this experience is that the foods I “can” eat, are foods I actually WANT to eat. (no, I’m not talking about a love affair with kale) Furthermore, unlike with other every single other “diet”, is that the foods I can and WANT to eat do not trigger cravings for MORE of those foods. Hell, even oatmeal makes me crave more oatmeal and a whole host of other crappy carbage. (Thank you, Jimmy Moore)


If you want to learn more about this way of life, inquire into other potential benefits, and hear just how gloriously SIMPLE and LIBERATING it is, please comment below. I’ve been asked a couple of times to start a Keto Support group, and it could be fun to just talk and share with a bunch of like-minded folks; I would be so happy to share my experience and research, and encourage those seeking an easier, intuitive, loving way of nourishing themselves.