break carb addiction

An interesting Aha from this morning’s coaching session with a client about carbohydrate addiction and cravings.
For the longest time I would hear “healthy” folks talk about how cravings just “go away” after a period of abstinence. I don’t know about you, but the thought of simply “getting used to” not having carbohydrates is no comfort to me whatsoever. I love(d) me some carbs- if it was baked or iced or gummy, boy oh boy, stand back! Though, please don’t stand too far back or I’ll fall on my arse when the dizzy spell kicks in and I go all shaky from hypoglycemic blood sugar crash.
Sugar and anything digested as glucose in the body is terrible for me and countless others who, like I was, unaware of what a craving actually means and what indulging it does to mind and body.

To keep this short: You don’t just have to “get used to” NOT having carbs, and like forget about ever again experiencing the surge of feel-good and the whole sensory experience of eating a warm baked good or a gooey chocolate what-have-you, or a hot slice of pizza the size of your head. You will always remember that, but here’s the strange part:

And again, I say this as a major MAJOR addict (in the minds of those who know me whole parts of my persona are dedicated to my “cute” love of carbs and sugar)

After the first few days of swapping out foods for carbs, maybe a week with decreasing intensity each day, your DESIRE for carbs diminishes or goes away. The cravings, the foods themselves, all of that just releases its hold on you such that you’re not relying on “being good” to get you through the day, you just kind of don’t care so much anymore. And here’s why: you don’t have to rely on processed, quick-energy carbs for seratonin and energy spurts, your brain re-calibrates and begins producing “feel-good” hormones like seratonin ALL THE TIME. You experience an even, lovely sense of contentment and peace about food (and life) that sustains rather than crashes and burns. You don’t need the [insert a go-to crappy carbage food here] to feel GREAT for 3 minutes or so, you actually begin to feel GREAT, like, all the time.

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