I couldn’t be more excited to officially announce another (yes, another!) new terribly effective, new treatment at Calvert Rejuvenations Spa!

Cupping and Massage!

You needn’t fear the traditional flame and glass cups routine when you think of cupping at Calvert Rejuvenations. This whole treatment has been modernized so that we now need no heat, nor glass to create the vacuum that a) gets the cups to stay in place, b) provide the lift, the fascial release, and circulation boosting that have made cupping famously therapeutic for thousands of years.

My first experience with cupping was as a dummy for practice at the spa with Cory (who had been trained in school in the modality). My shins and right knee had been killing me and my right upper trap was in spasm when we started. Upon initial placement of the cups there was some discomfort that either escalated or diminished within 15 seconds or so, depending on how restricted or “stagnant” the area on my body was. I was patient and persisted through any discomfort and eventually I totally forgot that the cups were there at all. It was at that point that the cups were removed and the pain I’d felt before was greatly greatly diminished if not gone altogether. I felt like I was floating when I left. My legs and back felt lighter, warmer, and…I dunno, tingly! All the toxin release (again: 2 hours!) left me feeling a little shaky and jittery, for about an hour after the very long, deep session. I needed to drink LOTS of water (with a pinch of pink salt for electrolytes) to flush out the stagnant blood and toxins that we’d unearthed in our session. I felt much much better when all was said and done.

My clients today were surprised and intrigued by it when I offered to practice it on some of their tougher, more resistant spots. They LOVED IT! One of the neatest things about cupping and massage therapy is that it doubles the treatment time, in some sense. While the cups were settling in on my knees and shins, I was able to get neck work done!

Cupping provides powerful, yet gentle, fascial release and decompression of tissues (joint, muscle, tendon); greatly increases circulation and healing of the surrounding areas.

We’ll be offering it soon in a facial treatment, perhaps a non-surgical facelift! The fascial realignment that results from the tissue decompression has been reported to increase collagen and tone facial muscles. On myself and those I’ve been experimenting on I’ve noticed a nice plumping effect and therefore decrease wrinkles and toning of the face.

Disclaimer: With body cupping, any marks you see on your skin after treatment are temporary, but some may take up to a week or more to completely disappear. Darker discoloration generally indicates more stagnation and waster presence in the area. While with facial cupping we are much more conservative in the pressure we use and do not leave the cups in place to create any lasting marks or redness.